[ISEA2011] Panel: Au­drey Sam­son – Roger 10-4: Ex­plo­ration of the body as space/sur­face of trans­mis­sion and re­cep­tion

Panel Statement

Panel: Don’t Anthropomorpise Me: Electronic Performance Tools, Automatons and The Vanity Apocalypse

Ex­plo­ration of the body as space/sur­face of trans­mis­sion and re­cep­tion. How does our in­ter­ac­tion with our every­day sur­round­ings change if our body be­comes a point of re­cep­tion. With mo­biles, smart­phones, iPads and lap­tops we be­come the cen­tral point of trans­mis­sion and re­cep­tion of elec­tro­mag­netic waves. Our new skins com­posed of these nu­mer­ous gad­gets are con­stantly up­dated and out­dated. The re­sults are known, land­fills of elec­tronic and chem­i­cal waste. Roger 10-4 ex­plores what can hap­pen if we work with the refuse of planned ob­so­les­cence, more specif­i­cally the re­ceiv­ing com­po­nents of those out­dated ob­jects, and re-in­cor­po­rate these com­po­nents into our at­tire; to make elec­tro­mag­netic fre­quency re­ceiv­ing ac­ces­sories.  What hap­pens if we are lis­ten­ing to the waves we trans­mit and re­ceive?

  • Au­drey Sam­son is a Rot­ter­dam (NL)/Montréal (CA) based media de­signer, artist and re­searcher. Man­ager of the Dig­i­tal Art Lab at the Cen­trum voor Kunst en Cul­tuur (Zoeter­meer, NL). Teacher at the Ger­rit Ri­etveld Acad­e­mie (Am­s­ter­dam, NL). BFA Major in De­sign Art from Con­cor­dia Uni­ver­sity, 2002 (Mon­treal, Canada), M.A. Media De­sign from the Piet Zwart In­sti­tute, 2007 (Rot­ter­dam, NL). Re­search/Prac­tice fo­cuses: use of on­line medium for mourn­ing pur­poses, con­cept of fi­nal­ity in re­pro­ducible media, women’s re­la­tion­ship to tech­nol­ogy, the af­for­dances of the in­ter­net medium in telem­atic per­for­mance, work­ing from the prod­ucts of planned ob­so­les­cence, and re-as­sem­bling ob­jects with new func­tion­al­i­ties in a DIY fash­ion. Au­drey works to­gether with Sab­rina Bas­ten on the Roger 10-4 Pro­ject.