[ISEA2011] Paper: Herlander Alves Elias – NEXTension: The Advent of The Network-Screen


The expansion of the current media-environment due to user-generated content, portable media and social networks has changed the very notion of citizenship. We live in a post-Web world and the screens are extensions of a post-Google cluster, limit-surfaces of Web 2.0 brands. In this paper we discuss our media age, the Mediacene. A media theory is designed to depict current trends on space, place, data and history. Network-screens perform as portals to digital space. This is the Next Tension.

  • Prof. Herlander Alves Elias is a researcher in digital culture. Now he works as an Assistant Professor in UBI, University of Beira Interior, in Portugal.┬áHis interest in culture and media led to him to write about cyberpunks, videogames, Japanese animation, locative media and social media. “The Anime Galaxy: Japanese Animation As New Media” is its latest essay.

Full text (PDF) p. 768-773