[ISEA2011] Paper: Brad Kligerman, Jamil Mehdaoui & Sinan Mansuroglu – INFRA|VERGENCE_WIP: A work in progress by Building W/immaterials, Mixed Reality as an architectural platform


Keywords: Architecture; Mixed Reality; Innovation; Virtual Worlds; Media; Visualisation

Immersive visualizations can reveal the dynamic form of communication and transportation infrastructures as they facilitate the simultaneous occupation of digital and physical worlds across three networked spaces : online, 3-D immersive worlds, and physical geographical space. This paper presents a project of immersive visualisation, based on some of the findings of an ongoing study: mapping the form & structure, scale & extents of the metaverse based on usage data flowing through this complex network. A diverse community of users, whose presence can be consistently accounted for in geospatial worlds, social networks and virtual worlds, will anonymously contribute, feeding a database of “gesture data”. By focusing on their divergent/convergent qualities as revealed by the data, a visualization of their sustaining infrastructure will emerge.

  • Brad Kligerman is an assistant Professor (École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais, France) and an architect (Building w/immaterials) doing independent research concerning digital media, visual arts & built environments: Spatial inquiry for the invention of new typologies concerning physical/digital, materials/immaterials, land/scapes.
  • Jamil Mehdaoui Building w/immaterials is an association of architects, programmers and curators doing independent research into digital media, visual arts and built environments : spatial inquiry for the invention of new structural typologies. Architects Brad Kligerman and Jamil Mehdaoui live, work and teach in Paris, France.   limaj.tumblr.com
  • Sinan Mansuroglu. Blind Antfarm (aka. Sinan Mansuroglu) is an architect, who has a wide range of interest in space design research. His work articulates digital media and built environment. He is living in the metaverse between Paris and Istanbul.  ssinan.tumblr.com

Full text (PDF)  p. 1381-1387  [title somewhat different]