[ISEA2010] Paper: Martin Kusch & Marie-Claude Poulin (kondition pluriel) – passage: a Hybrid of Interactive Installation and Performance


As an interdisciplinary production group we are exploring modes of representation that incorporate choreography and media arts, and lie at the border between installation and spectacle. We are interested in the artistic process as much as the artistic product. One of our objectives is to develop strategies and methodologies for artistic expression using new technologies in the live arts and to foster the integration of expressive systems as tools for creation in the performing arts disciplines. The work with new media and our multiple experiences creating interactive dance performances inspired us to produce an installation integrating live performance, in which the spectator is invited to actually “use” the body of the performer as the interface to the media environment.

  • Martin Kusch (CA) is a visual media artist and artistic co-director of kondition pluriel. He is teaching at the Dept. for Digital Arts at the Univ. of Applied Arts in Vienna. His artistic practice is based on the creation of media installations and interactive performance  environments.
  • Marie-Claude Poulin (CA) is a choreographer and cofounder of kondition pluriel. Her work confronts the relationship between the body and technology in a very organic manner. Her choreographic language is made of multiple bodily states, showing the body in a perpetual process of reorganization.

Full text (PDF) p.  51-52