[ISEA2010] Paper: Robert Sakrowski & Sven Bäucker – Curating Youtube Box [CYB]


Curating Youtube Box [CYB] fills an important void in the modern art business by facilitating a meaningful reaction with regards to contemporary Web 2.0 phenomena such as user generated content. Following the principles of A SPACE INSIDE A SPACE, CYB may easily be installed in the context of a museum, a gallery, a studio or an art fair. CYB enables curators and scientists to present net videos in a format that is adequate to the art business. CYB will be mailed to the interested institutions upon request. The net videos presented in the various exhibitions will be presented in their original size, using apt players and thereby creating a feeling of “authenticity”. The players will be able to present online streams as well as pre-configured offline shows, such as looped playlists. The players will be, due to their user-friendly interface and their broad acceptance, easily controlled by the audience. The possibility of interactions is an integral part of the entire project

  • Robert Sakrowski (DE), born 1966, studied Art History. From 2007–2010 he worked at the Ludwig Boltzmann InstituteMedia.Art.Research in Linz (“netpioneers 1.0”). From 1999–2003 he headed the project “netart-datenbank. org” at TU-Berlin and curated several exhibitions and lectures in the field of netbased art.
  • Sven Bäucker (DE), born 1969, studied Architecture: Prof.Nicolic/RWTH Aachen; 1997 Dipl.Ing. Architect (graduate engineer); 2003 label MOKIK (founder) graphic + exhibitiondesign + engineering; (Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, CASCO/Uetrecht, Hamburger Bahnhof/Berlin, Ludwig Boltzmann InstituteMedia.Art.Research/Linz)

Full text (PDF) p.  65-66