[ISEA2010] Paper: Bernhard Garnicnig & Gottfried Haider – Production of a Spatial Audio Narrative


Craving is a site specific spatial sound composition set up by the two artists in the public space of Vienna‘s Donaustadt district. It unfolds while the audience individually wanders the high-rise area. Wearing headphones and mobile computing devices they physically navigate the piece. Their path is in no way – auditory or visually – predetermined, thereby allowing the audience to let themselves be guided by intuition and the aspects of the place.

  • Bernhard Garnicnig (AT) studies Digital Art at the University for Applied Arts and Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts, both in Vienna. In his work as artist and curator he is mainly interested in shaping social, institutional and audiovisual space-time constellations.
  • Gottfried Haider (AT) graduated from the class of Digital Arts at the University for Applied Arts Vienna in 2009. He is interested in urban sound scape theory and currently researching on the interdependencies of the algorithmic acquisition of space, its coexistent manipulation and numerology.

Full text (PDF) p.  201-203