[ISEA2010] Paper: Katrien Jacobs – Lizzy Kinsey and the Adult Friend Finders


DIY Pornography: Living and Breathing with Cybertypes
AFF.com is a massive transnational social network run by a corporate-driven American entertainment company that allows people to buy a membership and upload sexually explicit photos and videos. It is one of the leading commercial websites of an ongoing trend towards Internet sexuality as participatory digital media or DIY pornography, involving a blurring between selfhood and the ephemeral signs, myths, and pathways of netporn culture. Web users across the globe are encouraged to formulate and depict sexualized selves to get access to other people’s databases and arrange cyber encounters or actual sex dates.

  • Katrien Jacobs (CN) is a scholar, curator and artist in the field of new media and sexuality and works as assistant professor at City University of Hong Kong. She has written books about sex art and Internet pornography. Her work can be found at libidot.org

Full text (PDF) p.  227-229