[ISEA2010] Panel: Kristoffer Gansing et al – ‘Press Delete’: The Politics and Performance of Spamculture

Panel Statement

Hosted by The Art of the Overhead 

A combination of research presentation and artistic intervention, the ‘Press Delete’ panel/performance expands the common format of conference panels through a dynamic double movement: being simultaneously on and of spam, it reflects the fragile socio-cultural negotiation at the heart of filtering ‘meaningful’ discourse out of informational flows. A critical garbage-archaeology, illuminating ‘dark sides’, ‘unintended consequences’ and creative acts connected to spam.

  1. Kristoffer Gansing – ‘Press Delete’ – The Politics and Performance of Spamculture
  2. Camille Paloque-Bergès – Proto-Spam: Early Forms of Spam as Vernacular Performanceon Usenet
  3. Finn Brunton – An Infinite Continuum of Spewage: Bayesian Filtering and the Reinvention of Spam
  4. Tony Sampson & Jussi Parikka – Learning from Network Dysfunctionality: Accidents, Enterprise and Small Worlds of Infection
  • Kristoffer Gansing is co-director of The Art of the Overhead, a media-archaeological festival devoted to the overhead projector. He’s a Ph.D. student at K3 Univ. of Malmö, with a project on media art working transversally across old and new media.