[ISEA2010] Panel: Dominika Szope, Anett Holzheid, Julius Popp & Katja Kwastek – Digital Art | Digital User

Panel Statement

Since the beginning of digital culture, new technologies have exerted a deep influence on the arts – in their mode of production as well as interpretation. This panel aims at new concepts of today’s audiences, who emerge from a vanishing divide between media artists and media skilled users. The phenomenon of a new type of viewer/user of electronic art and its challenging consequences will be unfurled in lectures, a presentation by media artist Julius Popp, and a final discussion round.

  1. Dominika Szope – The Impact of Active Viewing, and Visual Literacy in Art Exhibitions
  2. Anett Holzheid – Words and Characters in the Age of Electronic Performativity
  3. Julius Popp – The Artistic Approach and Conceptual Framework
  4. Katja Kwastek – The Aesthetic Experience of Interactive Art: A Challenge for the Humanities

Hosted by Universität Siegen