[ISEA2010] Panel: DATA browser & Neural (Hosts) – Really Existing Social Media

Panel Statement

The panel explores some of the paradoxes of social media and intends to engage critically with really existing examples. Although popular platforms facilitate unprecedented levels of sharing, the social relation is arguably produced in restrictive form, and personal and collective exchanges are further commodified. But instead of refusal we should recognise that this is another site of struggle unfolding under particular conditions and with a particular history.

  1. Geoff Cox – Introducing Really Existing Social Media
  2. Alessandro Ludovico – [Id]entities as a Multilayered Self: The Individual Pervasiveness of Social Networks
  3. Katrien Jacobs – Lizzy Kinsey and the Adult Friend Finders
  4. Rui Guerra – Online Communities and Client-Server Architectures
  5. Florian Cramer – Analog Media as (Anti-)Social Networking   
  • Geoff Cox (UK) is a co-editor of the DATA browser series (with Autonomedia).
  • Alessandro Ludovico (IT) is chief editor of Neural magazine since 1993.