[ISEA2010] Panel: Søren Bro Pold & The People Speak (Conveners) – The Digital Aesthetics of Climate Crisis

Panel Statement

Besides mediating science and politics, how is the climate crisis intrinsically related to the form and functioning of digital art, what are the criteria for evaluating and critically discussing climate art? This panel aims to discuss both epistemological issues and broader cultural, political issues in order to examine the particular contribution of digital art to the climate crisis. Relevant questions are how digital art can contribute to questions around how we hear, see, sense climate change, how we experience a post-crisis environment, and how we debate and act facing climate change? The format of the panel will be that of an ‘Unpanel’ which aims at engaging the audience directly. It will include strategies from the presented projects interjected as creative interruptions, glitches, crises and confessions. Thus the participants will experience the delicate balances and tipping points of both our climate and the role of art in relation to it.

  1. Søren Bro Pold – The Digital Aesthetics of Climate Crisis
  2. Lars Bo Løfgreen – A Project of Disjunction and Conjunction: On the Aesthetics of Climate Change
  3. Morten Breinbjerg – From Representation to Action: How Art Addresses Climate Change
  4. Jonas Fritsch – CO2nfession/CO2mmitment: Experimental Urban Media in the Climate Change Debate
  5. Christian Ulrik Andersen & Søren Bro Pold – Participatory Pyramids: An interface for Climate Change?
  • The People Speak (THEPS), UK: British artist collective
  • Søren Bro Pold (DK) has done research in media-, digital and interface aesthetics and art currently mainly related to urban and public interfaces. Forthcoming is “Interface Criticism – Aesthetics Beyond the Buttons”, co-edited with Christian Ulrik Andersen