[ISEA2010] Panel: Valerie Lamontagne (Convener) – Enunciations of Nonhuman Performativity

Panel Statement

The panel interrogates contemporary notions of performance and embodiment from a materialist and (post-) phenomenological point of view. In the light of this approach that includes performance and performativity in various contexts (e. g. Science and Technology Studies amongst other epistemic domains), the potential of the nonhuman to shape performative events enables new considerations about performative practices that comprise humans and nonhumans.

  1. Valerie Lamontagne – Materiality, Posthumanist Performativity, and Wearables
  2. Christopher Salter – Alien Agencies. Liveness and Nonhuman Performativity
  3. Harry Smoak – Your Participation Not Required. Machinic Performances
  4. Patrick Harrop – Metastatic Membranes. Modulations of Threshold
  5. Jens Hauser – Looking ‘through’ Biomedia. Post-Anthropocentrism as Immediacy without Agency