[ISEA2010] Artists Talk: Margarete Jahrmann & Verena Kuni – Uplay Urban Playgrounds: Developing Ludic Strategies and Interfaces for Participatory Practices in Urban Space

Artists Statement

Location: N 51° 27’ 22” E 6° 43’ 56”
Code: C
This is a game. This is not a game.
Do you want to play?

Some Rules
Space, place and time do matter.
If public space becomes fiction, same is for borders separating playgrounds from other spaces.
The relativity of time is more than a famous formula.
You can try to ignore the ghosts of the past. However, you cannot avoid meeting them. And they might like to play.
If you consider sensation, fantasy, narrative, challenge, fellowship, discovery, expression and submission as nodal for triggering game pleasures you should not forget that the same is for life in general.
Commitment is essential. However, commitment does not mean obedience.
Watch out. Listen. Yet do not only focus on two senses. Smell, touch, and taste are relevant as well.
You will never get what you’ve expected.
Suspension of disbelief is not an appropriate option.
Mechanisms of mutual observation may increase attention and intensity.
They may also increase levels of stress, distress and distrust.

  • Margarete Jahrmann (AT/CH) is artist and professor for Interaction Design/Game Design at ZHDK Zurich. With the Ludic Society and individually she is engaged in the research and development of ludic interfaces, and she has recently submitted her Ph.D. thesis on ‘Ludics. The Art and Politics of Play’. konsum.net.
  • Verena Kuni (DE) is scholar in art, media & culture theory and professor for Visual Culture at Goethe-University Frankfurt. Her research is dedicated a. o. to DIY & prosumer cultures; media of imagination; technologies of transformation; transfers between material & media cultures; games, play & toys as tools. under-construction.cc

Full text (PDF) p. 414-416