[ISEA2010] Paper: Yonggeun Kim, Seungae Bang & Joonsung Yoon – Site-Specific Art as Necrophilia: Platform in Kimusa Exhibition in Seoul 2009


In site-specific art, irrelevant to any kind of contention, the instinctual characters, Thanatos and Eros are obliged to be rendered. Eros, as a compulsion to repeat, inhibits onto the locus. Thanatos, as a compulsion “that aims at a state of things which has never yet been attained” (Freud 1973), destructs the site. And this ambivalence has the biased inclination by the dominance of one side. What decides this inclination is not a static force which is owned by each side but the transformation of the “neutral energy.” (Freud 1961) And the character of site-specific art totally depends on this imbalanced duality.

  • Yonggeun Kim (KR) is a Ph.D. candidate in the Global School of Media, the graduate school of Soongsil University. His research area is the man-machine dis/continuity throughout the theoretical studies on the new media art practices.
  • Seungae Bang (KR) is in the master course in the graduate school of Soongsil University, the Global School of Media.
  • Dr. Joonsung Yoon (KR) is professor at Soongsil University, College of IT, the Global School of Media.

Full text (PDF) p.  487-489