[ISEA2010] Artists Talk: Wang Zheng, Qiansheng Li, Fei Jiang, Jiankang Ji & Jingming Liu – Pulsation of City: Interactive Flying Ball Installation

Artists Statement

The idea of the work came from an exhibition which was held in Liverpool Biennale in 2009. The theme of the exhibition was related to the local canal in Liverpool. The Organization Committee hopes to select the art work which could be interactive with local people. So we thought about using electronic technology to show visual effects of the canal wave. In China we have a proverb ‘The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it’. We tried to use the work to explain the relationship between people and water. After comparing and testing materials repeatedly, we chose the acrylic tube, plastic ball, LED lights and industrial fans to make our work.

  • Wang Zheng (CN), born in 1978, in Nanjing, China, is a digital interactive artist and teacher in Fine Art College of Shanghai University. His art work focuses around interactive installation such as human computer interaction, and computer vision.
  • Qiansheng Li (CN) is a software engineer, using Action-Script3 language production animation and interactive interface.
  • Fei Jiang (CN) is a Ph.D student of Shanghai University and an interactive designer of Virtual Lab. He is mainly in charge of hardware of interaction art works.
  • Jiankang Ji (CN): Designer, Virtual Lab of Fine Art College of Shanghai University.
    Jingming Liu (CN) is a digital art teacher from Shanghai University who works on digital interactive art.

Full text (PDF) p.  380-381