[ISEA2010] Paper: Evelin Stermitz – rtFem.TV: Feminist Artistic Infiltration of a Male Net Culture in Context of Art and Feminism and as Cyberfeminist Action


ArtFem.TV is an online television programming presenting Art and Feminism. The aim of ArtFem.TV is to foster women in the arts, their art works and projects, to create an international online television screen for the images and voices of women. ArtFem.TV is a non-profit artist run ITV and media art portal about art and feminism and has been founded by Evelin Stermitz in the year 2008.  artfem.tv

  • Evelin Stermitz (AT) graduated with an M.A. degree in media and new media art from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and she is holding a master’s degree in philosophy from media studies. Media and new media art works within poststructuralist feminist art practices.

Full text (PDF) p.  360-362