[ISEA2010] Paper: Lila Pagola – From Free Software to Criticism on the Authorship Notion in Artistic Practices in Argentina


What responses are evoked by the free software model when it enters the scene of contemporary art in Argentina and some other countries of Latin America? The model of production, circulation and “participative” reception promoted and put into practice by the free software movement, has evoked manifold responses among artists – with potential and actual consequences – since they are both creators of “programs” and users of digital tools. These responses take place in a wide socio-cultural context including artistic practices within the art institution, but also those happening in the sphere of daily communication and global exchanges in which local actors take part, thus generating multiple echoes and feedback between the interacting fields.

  • Lila Pagola (AR) lives and works in Argentina. Educated in visual arts, she began experimenting with computer graphics and interactive design in the 90s. Her recent research focusses on relationship between free software/culture and art, as a critical and interdisciplinary approach to artistic production.

Full text (PDF) p.  412-414