[ISEA2010] Paper: Cym (Simone van Groenestijn) – Aus Alt Mach Neu: Recycling Arts


Some years ago I started creating wallets from empty Tetrapak packages. More than ten years I had been working with computers, but now I was making a living from creating products from trash, completely without the use of a computer. I developed a whole range of products: wallets, notebooks, lights, clocks and more, all made from empty supermarket packages.
At that time I was living in a small village on the countryside, where I was transforming an old farm into an art center. In these new surroundings there was only little interest for my qualities as a webdesigner, but the people around me were very enthusiastic about my recycled objects. When they saw my wallets made from empty milk cartons, they would say ‘That’s what I call true recycling!’. They would call me a recycling artist. From now on, I would call myself a recycling artist.

  • Cym (Simone van Groenestijn), NL, is a net artist. She transforms an old farm in Austria into an art center and studies interaction design in Amsterdam at the same time. She teaches webdesign at the University of Nova Gorica in Slovenia. Her work includes interactive installations, photography and recycled arts.  cym.net

Full text (PDF) p.  251-252