[ISEA2010] Paper: Georg Klein – Don’t Call It Art! On Artistic Strategies and Political Implications of Media Art in Public Space


Society of Molecules was orchestrated by the SenseLab as an emergent and internationally distributed micropolitical event for research-creation carried out in several countries during the first week of May, 2009. This paper reports from the Montréal-based molecule named the Lack of Information Kiosk. It aimed at bringing attention to urban mobilizations on the frontierland between a traditional working-class distcrict (Parc Extension) bordering a bourgeois neighborhood (Outrement) in the northern part of the city. Université de Montréal has bought the 56.0000 m2 space between these two districts to develop their future campus literally closing off access from Parc Extension. The quotidian appropriations of this space (by walkers, dog owners, homeless) confront the multiple layers of a space that suffers from a lack of information. The focus was on this ever-present lack of information in both governmental and everyday dialogues about the future of the physical and social spaces.

  • Georg Klein (DE) works as sound/video/media artist. He developed a “situational” concept of site-specific art in public space (Germ. Sound Art Award 2002, Media-Space Award 2006). With his office KlangQuadrat he realised installations all over Europe, Israel and USA. Based in Berlin, currently in Istanbul.

Full text (PDF) p. 268-270