[ISEA2010] Paper: Antti Ahonen – Towards the Post-Digital Era


‘Koelse’, Association of experimental electronics, was founded on September 2002. Since then we have been gathering old consumer electronics and other electronic waste turning it into different kinds of audiovisual instruments, installations and other things. When we started we had both aesthetic and environmental reasons for choosing our medium. Perfectness and unlimited possibilities of digital media seemed very boring for us, since we all loved the roughness of the D.I.Y analog experiments. We also were very concerned about the environmental effects of digital mass-culture.

The problem of digital culture is the shortening product cycle. Moores law states that the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles every two years. This enables the exponential growth of computing power, but also leads to the exponential amount of electronic waste. koelse.org      myspace.com/koelseorg

  • Antti Ahonen (FI)is a visual artist from Helsinki. He has been working as an art director for the association of experimental electronics since 2002 and is part of Pixeache festival team since 2002. He also works as a photographer shooting media-art, performance-art and theater.
Full text (PDF) p.  518-520