[ISEA2009] Paper: Tahera Aziz – Sound, narrative and audience interaction: towards a recontextualisation of the Stephen Lawrence case


In Art Practice as Research: Inquiry into the Visual Arts, Sullivan outlines the historical conditions that have characterised the emergence of visual art practice. Making reference to critical vision, he states ‘Artists continue to inquire into issues of everyday life and to disrupt our perceptions through [their] studio art practices.’ (Sullivan 2004: 3). This paper seeks to illustrate the role that artists can have in offering new insights and/or understandings into real life and lived experiences through the fusion of creative arts practice and systematic intellectual enquiry. Drawing on the tragic events surrounding the racially motivated murder of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993, the research practice has attempted to fuse the dimensions of sound, narrative, and computer-mediated interactivity in order to deepen audience understanding of the case and to extend the possibilities for contemporary storytelling.

  • Tahera Aziz, London South Bank University, UK

Full text (PDF)  p. 157-164