[ISEA2009] Paper: Kirak Kim, Chee-Onn Wong, Keechul Jung, Hohyen Lee & Kyoungsu Oh – A study on an interactive construction tool for better interaction ability in an interactive installation


In this paper, a VisionArtTool (VAT) system that increases the ability of an interactive artwork is created in an interactive installation. The aim of the proposed VAT system is to widen the interactive range in order to provide a maximum freedom especially for young artists. In recent works, interactive installation relies on heavy participation from spectators. Due to this the quality of the artwork depends on the techniques the artwork deploys and represents instead of showing the intention from the artists. There is a common problem among interactive artwork and artists. A lot of interactive artists are restricted in their creativity to express an artwork, with a challenging task of allowing their artwork to be fully interactive from the perspective of the spectators.

Moreover, in-line with the progress, with information communication technology, many artists are not majoring in art but in computer technology with experience in programming as well1. Taking the technological background of a prospective artist into consideration, technologically innovative artwork has an advantage for this group of techno-savvy artists. Also, there are different goals for engineers and for artists. A goal for an engineer is to create a developed technology for artists to use, but this goal is not achievable if the artist is not techno-savvy as this may restrict their creativity to express an artwork.

  • Kirak Kim, Chee-Onn Wong, Keechul Jung, Hohyen Lee & Kyoungsu Oh, Deptartment of Digital Media, the Graduate School of Soongsil University, Korea

Full Text (PDF) p.  631-638