[ISEA2009] Paper: Anja Hashagen, Nassrin Hajinejad & Heidi Schelhowe – Dancing Sound: swarm intelligence based sound composition through free body movements


In this paper, we present the algorithmic interpretation of free body movements with sound. The interacting person moves within a specified area while his or her movements are detected by a laser scanner. We developed a methodology and a software application to translate free body movements to sound using swarm intelligence algorithms. In order to provide space for exploration the mapping from swarm intelligence to sound is fully adjustable. The system is integrated in the installation Der Schwarm that provides a visual, semantic reaction of light spots projected on the floor to free body movements.

  • Anja Hashagen, Nassrin Hajinejad & Heidi Schelhowe¬†University of Bremen, Germany

Full Text (PDF) p. 1069-1077