[ISEA2009] Paper: Brigitta Zics – The engineering of experiences through the Mind Cupola: interaction as a cognitive feedback loop


Keywords: cognitive feedback loop, cognitive-driven interaction, affective computing, biofeedback interface, affective environment, aesthetic experience, Mind Cupola.

This paper introduces a new modality of interaction for art that produces meaning through cognitively inclusive sensorimotor capacities of the user. This application, which builds upon the psychophysical capacities of biofeedback interfaces, explores the potentiality of technological feedback for the affection and evaluation of the user. Through this the concept of ‘cognitive feedback loop’ will be applied in order to produce more effective aesthetic experiences. This proposal will be exemplified with the affective environment of the Mind Cupola. The paper finally anticipates that such a cognitive-driven approach to interaction might serve to enhance self-awareness and welfare through self-regulating processes.

  • Dr. Brigitta Zics Transtechnology Research, University of Plymouth, UK

Full Text (PDF) p. 1148-1158