[ISEA2009] Paper: Naoko Tosa & Hideto Obara – Hitch Haiku: an interactive supporting system for composing Haiku poem


Keywords: poem, Haiku, Haiku generation, art, interactive art.

Human communication is fostered in environments of regional communities and cultures and in different languages. Cultures are rooted in their unique histories. Communication media have been developed to circulate these cultural characteristics. The theme of our research is ‘Cultural Computing’, which means the translation of cultures using scientific methods representing essential aspects of Japanese culture. We study the reproduction of a traditional Japanese Haiku by computer. Our system can abstract an essence of human emotions and thoughts into a Haiku, a Japanese minimal poem form. A user chooses arbitrary phrases from a chapter of the essay ‘1000 Books and 1000 Nights’. Using the phrases chosen by the user, our system generates the Haiku, which includes the essence of these

  • Naoko Tosa, Hideto ObaraSeigow Matsuoka & Ryohei Nakatsu Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University, Japan

Full Text (PDF) p. 1109-1116