[ISEA2009] Panel: Vicente Matallana (convener) – New Media Art, New Economic Realities: Emergent Economic Structures in New Media Art

Panel Statement

The aim of this panel is to analyze the economic structure of the new technologies art, from the practical point of view, in a rich understanding of the economy concept, based in the long term experience of LaAgencia and other invited organizations. Art’s traditional sector has been basically supported on goods interchange, the artwork for money. On the other side, the new technologies art sector has created or improvised an economic structure, more sophisticated, possibly more in agreement with the time. This structure comes from the media contemporarily and the work environment, the new technologies; and is conditioned and forced by the fact of not having a tangible object susceptible to be assimilated by the art market. The structure has evolved generating new practices and structures where the artist receives his/her return like fees for his/her work, awards, investigation grants or even orders where the border between artistic creation understood like fine arts, applied art and industrial creation is explored. This panel will review the evolution of the idea of economy on art, its development in the context of new technologies, going deep on the actual scenarios and the implication of research and industry on them. LaAgencia presents this panel.

  • Alex Adriaansen, NL [1953-2018]: The Economics of Unstable Media Art Practices
  • Joasia Krysa (UK): The Rise and Fall / Boom and Bust / Profit and Debt of New Media Art’ (Reflected in the Success of RMB City as Artwork and Developers Dream)
  • Domenico Quaranta (Italy): Not just a Means of Economy. Curating New Media Art in the Art Market Fiel
  • Sala Manca artist group (Israel): When a Margin Became a Centre: Old and New Media Art Practices in Jerusalem