[ISEA2009] Keynote: Sadie Plant – Mobiles as Mobilising Tools


At ISEA2009 Sadie Plant will be exploring the use of mobiles as mobilising tools, by those such as political activists, small-scale traders, and people caught up in times and zones of crisis and war.

  • Sadie Plant is a writer based in Birmingham, UK. She has written extensively on the themes of technological and social change, particularly in relation to culture and the arts, and has a special interest in the impact of mobile, wireless technologies. She has taught at the University of Birmingham and the University of Warwick, and is an occasional tutor at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. As well as Zeros and Ones, she is also the author of a book on the Situationists, The Most Radical Gesture, and Writing on Drugs, a critical account of the impact and control of psychoactive substances on modern culture. In 2001 she was commissioned by Motorola to write `On the Mobile’, a report which was one of the first documents to draw attention to the cultural significance of the mobile phone.