[ISEA2009] Keynote: Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola – Keynote


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  • Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola [1971-2016] is concept designer, writer, dramaturge and director – and occasional performer – for procedural, participatory New Media. His productions include the web drama ‘Daisy’s Amazing Discoveries’ (Coronet Interactive & TaiK 1996), movie installation ‘Myths for One’ (TaiK 2002), avatar/game world designs for ‘WorldsAway’ (ICL-Fujitsu 2000) and the dark musical comedy series ‘Accidental Lovers’ for kelevision and mobile devices 7a . & YLE. 2004 The concept of ‘Lovers’ won the New Media pitch of the Banff2003 television festival, while the production was short-listed for Interactive Program Enhancement category in Bart World -Tekev \Skov\ Awards 2007. The productions’ other awards include the first prize in New Media of Grafia’s Top of the Year 1996 and the second prize in the Beijing International Computer Art Competition 1997, while they’ve been exhibited world-wide. In 1998, Lumi was chosen Finland’s Young Artist of the Year. He’s in the editorial advisory board of Digital Creativity Journal and a founding member of m-cult, the Finnish Association of Media Culture. Lumi publishes frequently articles and gives teaching in leading new media schools, companies and universities, based on learning in productions. He’s the founder and current artistic director of Crucible Studio, New Media Storytelling research studio at Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki.