[ISEA2009] Paper: William Russell Pensyl, Lee Shang Ping, Tran Cong Thien Qui & Loy Shing Chuan – Location based entertainment and co-evolutionary narratives in mixed reality immersive environments


Keywords: location based entertainment, co-evolutionary narrative, autonomous agents, augmented reality, mixed reality, interactive spaces

Our research focuses on integration of ‘human-like’ agents that naturally interact with the actions of real world participants. Characters in games, interlocutors in theatre, as tutors show enormous potential for research in the co-evolution of narratives within interactive experiences. The work develops upon existing and ongoing research into intelligence in virtual agents. We explore such agents with modest abilities to sense, and to interpret symbolically actions of real world participants, the agents interact autonomously with participants. In theatrical form, the narrative carried forward through the emotive and expressiveness of the human actors in fixed narrative with predetermined outcomes. We propose mechanism that allows for a simultaneous development of interaction between the human participants and the human-like agents within a framework of mixed reality performance.

  • William Russell Pensyl, Lee Shang Ping, Tran Cong Thien Qui & Loy Shing Chuan Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Full text (PDF)  p. 271-278