[ISEA2009] Paper: Rasmus Vuori – Narrative inertia: a spatio-dynamical model of generative story telling


In this paper I present the concept of narrative inertia in my ongoing research on generative narratives, as well as the previous work on metadata, narration and montage theory developed together with the key collaboration team (Pia Tikka, Mauri Kaipainen, Joonas Juutilainen et al) from 2003 to date. The process, for my part, has been very practice and production oriented, where theories have immediately been implemented and evaluated in practice using real installation experiences – juxtaposed with artistic and theoretical academic processes. A core ideology has also been to review the models and theories from the perspective of authors, directors and designers, not distributors nor consumers. Our experience suggests that this has been a lacking perspective in a lot of research in similar fields to date, where the focus has either been on very technical issues of production, or on consumption, distribution and reception of already produced media artefacts.

  • Rasmus Vuori Media Lab / University of Art and Design Helsinki TAIK, Finland

Full text (PDF)  p. 309-313