[ISEA2009] Paper: Tran Cong Thien Qui, Lee Shang Ping & William Russell Pensyl – An ‘on-the-fly’ pseudo model-based Augmented Reality


Keywords: location based entertainment, Augmented Reality, mixed reality, interactive spaces.

Throughout the years, Augmented Reality has become more and more popular due to its usefulness in many applications for different areas: entertainment, education, interactive media, and simulation. At the core of Augmented Reality is the ability to accurately register virtual objects in all dimensions of the real world. It is essential to track accurately physical locations and orientations of real world objects with respect to the observer’s viewpoint.

  • Tran Cong Thien Qui, Lee Shang Ping & William Russell Pensyl, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Full Text (PDF) p. 123-128