[ISEA2006] Poster: Elliot Anderson – Unnatural Selection

Poster Statement

Unnatural Selection is an umbrella for a series of projects that examine human and cultural understanding of and relationship to the natural environment. The project is a collaboration between University of California, Santa Cruz Assistant Professor of Art Elliot Anderson and Digital Arts New Media graduate students: Tyler Freeman, Adam Jerugim, James Khazar, Nichole Smith, Synthia Payne, no.e sunflowrfish, and Alan Tollefson. The designation Unnatural Selection was chosen to comment on and question human manipulation of the natural world. The work in the series reflects on current perceptions of biology, nature, and the environment from the point of view of environmental aesthetics, genetics and human desire, the sublime and genetic technologies, and the necessity of creative involvement in generating ethical and technologically less destructive interaction with the natural world.

  • Elliot Anderson, San Francisco, California, USA.¬†Artist, curator, and Assistant Professor of Art, Electronic Media and Digital Arts New Media Graduate Program, University of California, Santa Cruz.