[ISEA2006] Paper: Valentina Nisi, Ian Oakley & Mads Haahr – Inner City Locative Media:Design and Experience of a Location-Aware Mobile Narrative for the Dublin Liberties Neighborhood


This paper describes the content capture, design and implementation of the Media Portrait of the Liberties project. It focuses primarily on the results of a subjective user study conducted to gauge reactions to this novel media format. We close this paper by discussing the results of this study, and speculating on future directions for this work.

  • Valentina Nisi, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Researcher and media artist, Binger Film Lab.
  • Dr. Ian Oakley, Sydney Australia: Psychologist and interaction designer.
  • Dr. Mads Haahr, Dublin, Ireland: Multidisciplinarian, lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Trinity College, Dublin.

Full Paper:  (PDF)