[ISEA2006] Paper: Trebor Scholz – The Participatory Challenge: Incentives for Online Collaboration


Current debates focus too much on what social tools can do and not enough on the people who use them. Motivations of the multitudes who add content to online environments matter a great deal. What follows here are hands-on guidelines and an outline of preconditions for online participation. Terms like: involvement, turn taking, network, feedback, or distributed creativity are frequently applied to characterize this kind of social and cultural interaction.

  • Trebor Scholz, New York, New York, USA. Media theorist, artist, activist, lecturer, Founder of the Institute for Distributed Creativity, co-editor of The Art of Free Cooperation, organizer of the conferences: ‘Share, Share Widely’and ‘Free Cooperation, contributing author to anthologies and Professor and Researcher in the Department of Media Study at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

FullĀ PaperĀ (PDF)