[ISEA2006] Keynote: David Kelley – Public Lecture

Abstract n.a.

Venue:City Hall Council Chambers

  • David Kelley, Founder Et Chairman, IDEO; Founder, Stanford’s Institute of Design (the “d” school). As founder of one of the world’s leading design firms, Kelley will explain the roles that people can play in an organization to foster creativity and use design thinking to transform their corporate culture. IDEO’s renowned company culture has given rise to the Apple mouse, the first laptop computer, the Palm V and hundreds of other standard setting designs. In April 2006, IDEO ranked #15 in Business Week’s most innovative companies in the world. Kelley now heads Stanford’s design school, and he is on a mission to add “design thinking” to Stanford’s existing competence of teaching analytical thinking. This will result in students who create delightful design experiences and embrace and promote a culture of innovation.

Sponsored by the Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley