[ISEA2006] Artists Statement: Matt Gorbet, Rob Gorbet & Susan Gorbet – P2P: Power to the People (2002-2006)

Artists Statement

Theme: Interactive City. Venue: San Jose McEnery Convention Center

P2P is a 30-foot interactive marquee that hangs on the façade of a building. 125 light bulbs that comprise the marquee can be turned on or off with 125 corresponding switches across the street. By engaging in the everyday almost unconscious activity of flipping a light switch, passers-by can express themselves, forming any patterns they choose in the hanging web of lights.

  • Matt Gorbet (CA)
  • Susan Gorbet (CA)
  • Rob Gorbet (CA)

Support from Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, The Canada Council for the Arts, Research In Motion and Gorbet Design, Inc.