[ISEA2006] Poster: Hanna Harris – Locative Processes of Re-Imagining Cities: Media as Spatial Intervention

Poster Statement

The poster aims at examining urban change and the production of urban cultural space from the viewpoint of media. The focus is on how spaces and frequencies intertwine. Thus, urban media is seen as standing for both media of public space and media as public space. Especially various locative processes of street television are analysed as a mode of spatial intervention for re-imagining cities. The case of Helsinki, its specific media-space and the development of the m2hz urban channel are analysed in this context.

  • Hanna Harris, Helsinki, Finland.¬†Urban researcher, the main producer for ISEA2004 for the Helsinki and Ferry programmes, involved in the production of various tv programmes and cultural festivals such as Koneisto electronic music festival and the Helsinki Festival, board member of m-cult centre for new media culture, holds a Licentiate Thesis in Urban Studies from the University of Helsinki along with studies at the Media lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki, currently urban studies PhD Candidate at the University of Helsinki.