[ISEA2006] Ursula Damm, Matthias Weber & Peter Serocka – timescape (51° 13.66 north, 6° 46.523 east)



Artist Statement






This ever-changing sculpture is controlled by the occurrences in a public place. Like a naturally grown architecture this form is embedded into the contours of the immediate environment of the current location of the viewer. All these spatial elements are determined by mapping the traces of the visitors of the site according to their different walking-pace and according to their frequency of presence onto a SOM, which feeds a mathematical shape-the Isosurface that changes according to behaviour.








Ursula Damm, Weimar and DUsseldorf, Germany: Guest Professor at the Bauhaus-Uni Weimar, former Artistic Research Associate at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, MFA at the Academy of Arts, Dusseldorf, Germany, Post-Graduate Degree at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne-KHM, received an Honorable Mention of the Prix Ars Electronica, and (amongst others) the Spiridon NevenDuMont award.
Matthias Weber, Freiberg, Germany: Research Scientist at the International School of New Media in Lubeck, Germany, former Research Scientist at the Technical University of Freiberg, Studied computer science at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, received the German Students Award from the Korber Foundation.
Peter Serocka, Germany: build up the Laboratory for Scientific Visualization at the Bielefeld University, Germany, Co-Founder of the artist group Animato, previously Lead Computer Scientist Animax Multimedia Theatre in Bonn, Germany, received an Honorable Mention of the Prix Ars Electronica, High-Performance Computing Center at the Center of Biotechnology in Bielefeld, Germany, currently Researcher in Scientific Visualization at the ChineseAcademy/Max-Planck Partner Institute for Computational Biology in Shanghai, China.