[ISEA2006] Panel: Cobi Van Tonder – Skatesonic

Panel Statement

Panel: Zero One Residencies

This uniquely augmented skateboard called the Lickr is a new musical controller instrument/toy. Equipped with a wireless microphone, battery pack, optical wheel rotation sensor, two proximity detectors, three gyro sensors and a bluetooth transmission device, the system tracks the 3D-movement of the skateboard. Movement is analyzed and turned into musical fantasy. The music becomes a game and skaters can jam like a band.

  • Cobi Van Tonder, South Africa. Composer, producer, performer, worked with various dance choreographers, video artists and actors holds a BHons in Music in History and Society (University Of The Witwatersrand); a National Diploma in Light Music (Technikon Pretoria) and a National Certificate in Musical Theatre (Technikon Pretoria).