[ISEA2006] Panel: Ben Rubin — An Intent to Communicate Semaphores: Listening Posts, and other recent work

Panel Statement

Panel: City of San Jose Public Art Program

Can artworks help to reveal a latent “intent to communicate” in architecture, urban landscapes, financial markets, and computer source code? Ben Rubin will discuss his latest public artwork, San Jose Semaphore, and place it in the context of his other recent projects, including Dark Source, The Quiet Ticking of Dreams, Checked Out, Open Outcry, and Listening Post.

  • Ben Rubin, New York, USA: Media artist. B.A. from Brown University, M.S. in visual studies from the MIT Media Lab in 1989. Winner the 2004 Golden Nica Prize from Ars Electronica with Mark Hansen. Teacher at the Yale School of Art. New York, NY.