[ISEA2006] Panel: GORBET+ BANERJEE – Creating an Art & Technology Infrastructure for the San Jose International Airport

Panel Statement

Panel: City of San Jose Public Art Program

The team of GORBET+ BANERJEE was selected as the Airport Art Activation Team for the San Jose International Airport.
Our mandate is to:

  1. create an infrastructure that will support an ongoing program of Art &Technology;
  2. design and build “flexible technological platforms” that will enable a rotating series of artworks commissioned for the airport; and
  3. create a number of “pilot artworks” using the platforms.

At the Symposium we will present our research and designs, report on progress, and offer insights gained from the project.

GORBET+ BANERJEE: Matt Gorbet; Susan Gorbet and Banny Banerjee

  • Matt Gorbet, Toronto, Canada. Interdisciplinary technologist, researcher, artist, co-founder of Gorbet Design Inc. B.Sc in Architecture, M.Sc and Interval Research Fellow at MIT Media Laboratory. Former Researcher at PARC. Faculty member of the Canadian Film Centre’s Interactive Art and Entertainment Program, original member of ZeroOne advisory board and of the San Francisco Media Arts Commission (SMAC).
  • Susan Gorbet, Toronto, Canada. Experience designer, educator, researcher, artist, co-founder of Gorbet Design, Inc., faculty member at the Canadian Film Centre and the Ontario College of Art and Design. Former graduate research fellow at Stanford, research team leader at Silicon Graphics, and Director of User Experience Design for Excite@Home and Snapfish.com.
  • Banny Banerjee, Belmont, California, USA. Sculptor and Senior Designer at IDEO. Instructor at IDEO’s internal project management classes, design consultant, software engineer, mechanical engineer, architect, furniture designer, structural engineer. Completed projects with Xerox PARC and Jet Propulsion Laboratories; Bachelors Degrees in Architecture and Computer Science; Masters Degrees in Architecture, Product Design (Stanford), and Mechanical Engineering (Stanford).