[ISEA2006] Artists Statement: etoy.CORPORATION – Mission Eternity

Artists Statement

Theme: Interactive City. Venue: San Jose Repertory Theater Plaza

MISSION ETERNITY is an information technology driven cult of the dead.

etoy digitally sends TEST PILOTS across the ultimate boundary to investigate the afterlife, the most virtual of all worlds. The short-term plan (2006-2016) is to install an interactive city of the living and the dead that reconfigures the way information society deals with memory (conservation/loss), time (future/presence/past) and death.

Under the protection of thousands of MISSION ETERNITY ANGELS (the living who provide a few mega bytes of their digital storage capacity) the MISSION ETERNITY PILOTS (pioneers of the information age who contribute their personal data and mortal remains) travel space and time forever.

5 etoy.AGENTS come to Silicon Valley to inaugurate the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS, a white 20 foot cargo container that hosts an immersive screen made of 17,000 LED lights and the ashes of the first TEST PILOTS. The SARCOPHAGUS is the physical link to the ARCANUM CAPSULES, the digital vehicle that enables the PILOTS to travel.

  • etoy.CORPORATION, art collective, Switzerland¬† ¬†etoy.com