[ISEA2006] Curators Statement: ISEA2006, Pixelache, Sonic Acts & Club Transmediale – Live Cinema Nights

Curators Statement

A series of live international audiovisual performances, 3.5 hours each night, location Club Glo

What happens when you take cinema out of the confines of the movie theater, wrench the film reel off the projector, and start editing the images and sound live, in front of the audience? Live cinema!

Recent developments in media processing software tools have facilitated a new generation of electronic artists across the world in creating real-time video performances. The practice of combining music and images live started in club culture and carries on the visual music tradition of abstract filmmakers such as Oskar Fischinger and the Whitney brothers. The form also resurrects the expanded cinema experiments of the 1970s, in which artists started to craft an immersive synaesthetic or expanded cinema, one that would create a new kind of vision, a new kind of consciousness.

On August 8, 9 and 10, during ISEA2006, Club Glo in downtown San Jose will host some of the most avant-garde live video artists from the Bay Area and around the world in a three-night program of sound and moving image fusing electronica with live experimental video. Each evening’s program will feature a series of live performances and screenings by artists from the U.S., but also from Finland, France, the Netherlands, Colombia, Israel, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, and Spain – many of which have never seen before in the U.S. The stellar line-up offers viewers an unparalleled introduction to one of the most vibrant emerging artforms in contemporary culture.

The program is curated in collaboration with Pixelache (Helsinki), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam) and Club Transmediale (Berlin) :

  1. Acclaimed duo Sue Costabile & Laetitia Sonami will present their newest project I.C. You, which features a live cinema stage built around a suitcase and a live foley stage built around another suitcase, employing dry ice and sensors.
  2. Joshua Kit Clayton, electronic musician and inventor of jitter, will perform an underwater piece called Aquavision, with live camera, sand and an aquarium.
  3. Finnish experimental filmmaker O Samuli A will be showing his mechanical furry piece Silmukka.
  4. Jarryd Lowder from New York City, best known for his custom-built harp-like audiovisual interface, will play a video requiem for those killed in Iraq, showing found images of improvised explosive devices through an obsolete video security system.
  5. Barcelona-based cultural agitator Solu, on her way to Banff, will do a solo video improvisation called taxi, take-off and landing.
  6. Media artist Ran Slavin from Tel-Aviv will reveal his experimental narrative piece Cinema Cycles 07.3, which reuses some footage from his film Insomniac City.
  7. Sound designer Guillermo Galindo and Gustavo Vazquez from Mexico will present a live version of their installation Glance, which was made by asking diverse residents of San Francisco about their hopes and ideas about the future, and is performed using their cyber-totemic instruments.
  8. French collective RYBN will bring Paris their proprietary Smell-O-Rama technology from Paris for a multisensorial immersive experience of desolate urban landscapes.
  9. META.AM will perform a live audiovisual improvisation.
  10. Many star VJs well known in contemporary art will be seen at work late at night: Vanessa Gocksch aka Pata de Perro (Colombia), Nuutti Koskinen (Finland) and Tim Jaeger (San Diego) with Alex Dragulescu (Romania), among many others…
  • ISEA2006, San Jose, USA
  • Pixelache, Helsinki, Finland
  • Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Club Transmediale, Berlin, Germany