[ISEA2006] Artists Statement: Tristan Shone, Caleb Waldorf, Ricardo Dominguez & Diane Ludin – Particles of Interest: Tales from the Matter Markets

Artists Statement

Nanofabric is the new black in fashion apparel and accessories.” _Hugo Boss, 2005

Patenting particles makes everyone smile around here.”¬†_Harris & Harris Group (Nasdaq:TINY), Sep. 21, 2005

Particles of Interest: Tales from the Matter Markets will be a 3 stage event project for ISEA2006:

  1. stage one, an on-line Open Particle Patenting System;
  2. stage two, a Particle Tale installation to be constructed in San Jose, California;
  3. stage three, Trans_patent campaign in collaboration with invited artist, artists groups, scientist, activist and stock traders around the planet.

Think small, think really small and then think even smaller and you will almost hit the little trans-b.a.n.gs (bit, atoms, neurons and genes) at the core of pragmatic tales of particle transvergence today. We are now caught in the rush of patented particles that can now be found in cosmetics, baby lotions, sunscreen, fabrics, paints and inkjet paper. We now control the vertical and horizontal of structures far smaller than ever before. The nano-world derives from nanometer, a billionth of a meter, or about one 25-millionth of an inch. That is far smaller than the world of everyday objects described by Newton’s laws of motion, but bigger than an atom or a simple molecule, particles ruled by quantum mechanics. We are now surrounded by little trans b.a.n.gs that are rapidly transforming everyday reality particle by particle. It is these transverse tales of the global Matter Market that we want to capture, re-tell and re-own in Particles of Interest.

  • Tristan Shone
  • Caleb Waldorf
  • Ricardo Dominguez¬†
  • Diane Ludin