[ISEA2006] Curator Statement: Adam Hyde (Curator) & Brenda Cleniuk (Assistant) – ISEA2006 re:mote

Curator Statement

August 10-12, 2006

International new media art discourse is stimulated by festivals and events like ISEA2006 that form temporary cultural centers to represent, present and discuss networked and digital technologies. However by forming temporary centers we also tacitly create a notion of a periphery – with temporary centers also come temporary peripheries. In new media culture this is a paradox as much new media art, theory, and discourse reflects on the network itself and the elusiveness and redundancy of centers and peripheries.

ISEA2006 re:mote attempts to dissuade us from imposing these distinctions by providing a platform for artists, commentators, curators, performers and theorists to participate in 1SEA2006 via online and prerecorded media. Technologies used will be up to each presenter, the premise is that the technologies should be easy to use and access. ISEA2006 re:mote will focus on presenting media spaces and people that would otherwise be excluded from presenting their work at ISEA2006 due to financial, political, or logistical reasons.

ISEA2006 re:mote invited media spaces and individual artists, theorists, and curators from around the world to speak or perform via remote technologies to the audience at ISEA2006. Presentations will be directed at the four themes of ISEA2006: Interactive City, Community Domain, Transvergence, and Pacific Rim. Participants are invited to present or perform on topics included within the ISEA2006, and onsite audience interaction with the presenters is also encouraged.

ISEA2006 re:mote is a collaboration between ISEA2006 and Adam Hyde, and is based on the re:mote series of events:

re:mote Auckland Organized by radioqualia and ethermap

re:mote Regina Organized by radioqualia and soil media lab http://soilmedia.org/remote/

ISEA2006 re:mote Presenters

  1. Stella Brennan
  2. Christophe Bruno
  3. Diana Burgoyne
  4. Clarissa Chikiamco
  5. Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
  6. Critical Artware
  7. Vince Dziekan
  8. Gillian Fuller
  9. Sylvia Grace Borda
  10. Ken Gregory
  11. Jen Hamilton
  12. Dr. Ross Harley
  13. Sementara Hartanto
  14. Derek Holzer
  15. Luke Jerram
  16. Deborah Kelly
  17. Sean Kerr
  18. Eric Kluitenberg
  19. Frederic Madre
  20. Elliot Malkin
  21. Nancy Mauro-Flude
  22. Susana Menes Silva
  23. Ann Morrison Tom Mulcaire
  24. Marcus Neustetter
  25. Christian Nold
  26. Julian Oliver
  27. Santiago PeresOn a.k.a.Yaco
  28. Janine Randerson
  29. Francisca Riviero-Lake
  30. Tijmen Schep
  31. David Spensley
  32. Jason Sweeny/Unreasonable Adults
  33. Share Montreal
  34. Simon Tegala
  35. Streamtime
  36. Maura Traumane
  • Adam Hyde. A musician, media producer and format artist working at the convergence of broadcasting and Internet technologies, Adam Hyde has a background in independent media organizations in television and radio in New Zealand (where he founded b.net and Static Television). Now he is based in Europe, where he co-founded the Internet radio project, radioqualia, and HelpB92 and Open Channels for Kosovo, which assisted independent media in the former Yugoslavia. He was the initiator of Net Congestion: the international Festival of Streaming Media, held in Amsterdam in October 2000, and a co-founder of the Open Streaming Alliance, an initiative that has established several internationally distributed, networked QuickTime streaming servers for arts and cultural use. Under the name ‘eset’,Adam is presently developing his practice as a software artist, and has designed and built several applications including the Theory Machine and the radioqualia MediaBrowser. His performances as a live experimental electronica musician have also incorporated live software development as an integral and demonstrative part of the performance. He also works as Manager of Software Development, Web Development, Streaming Media, NT Hosting, and Internal Systems at XS4ALL in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Brenda Cleniuk