[ISEA2006] Curators Statement: OTHER ISEA2006 EXHIBITIONS

Curators Statement

13th International Symposium on Electronic Art: OTHER ISEA2006 EXHIBITIONS (besides Exhibition @ South Hall)

There are a number of exhibitions presented during ZeroOne San Jose and the ISEA2006 Symposium. The juried exhibitions are in South Hall for the themes of Pacific Rim, Community Domain, and Transvergence, as well as the Edgy Products exhibition. The Interactive City exhibition and Container Culture are throughout San Jose. C4F3 is an interactive cafe in the San Jose Museum of Art. The Bleeding Edge Festival will take place at the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga.

Other institutions throughout Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area are also exhibiting works for ZeroOne San Jose and ISEA2006.

  1. Anno Domini
  2. Art Gallery, San Jose State University
  3. Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
  4. Institute for Contemporary Art San Jose
  5. MACLA
  6. Palo Alto Art Center
  7. San Jose Museum of Art
  8. Edge Conditions
  9. Textile Museum
  10. Works Gallery