[ISEA2006] Artists Statement: Sarah Pace et al (Glowlab) – Drift Relay

Artists Statement

The Drift Relay is a collaborative psychogeographic experience in the form of a 24 hour relay-style exploration of San Jose. Participants (“Drifters”) will drift through new and familiar city spaces with a Glowlab coach and a mobile kit of recording tools, contributing to a collective journey of endurance and discovery. Project headquarters at ISEA will continually broadcast the remote group’s location and status. Data and artifacts will be returned to the headquarters for processing and display throughout the duration of the Drift Relay. Taking the phrase “the city that never sleeps” to heart, together we’ll locate the joys and difficulties of documenting ephemeral urban experience.


  • Sarah Pace
  • Morgan Schwartz
  • Catherine D’Ignazio
  • D. Jean Hester
  • Brian House
  • Savic Rasovic
  • Jessica Thompson
  • Lee Walton