[ISEA2000] Paper: Anne-Sarah Le Meur – Artificial Imaging and Sexuality or, How Artificial Imaging Thinks Sex


Can three-dimensional digital works, so smooth and perfectly geometric, without hair, without sweat, etc. be totally lacking any expression of sexual desire? Is the very nature of computer creation — so logical, abstract, geometric and remote — so free from sensuality that it prohibits any imaginary projection of contact?

The long list of so-called «adult» sites, and all the recent research into cybersex, show that individuals are still as interested as ever in this intimate and passionate subject, even when it is through the computer. The expression of sexuality in a work cannot be totally avoided, even when working with the computer, it just changes form. By analyzing several different works, the author demonstrates how three-dimensional productions speak of sexuality, sexed and sexual relations between individuals represented, but he also shows how these works express the sexual desire of the author and his intimacy.

  • Anne-Sarah Le Meur, France. PhD in Arts at Paris 8 University. Her researches focuses on computer processing influence on the imaginary which is present in works, in particular the transformation of the relationship with the body. After two years of teaching at Bauhaus-Weimar University, she’s now assistant professor at Paris 1 University.

Full text (PDF) in French p. 205-210