[ISEA2000] Paper: Cathy Lane – Space, Sound and Music: Using Embodied Experiences of Space to Produce Multiple and Interconnecting Experiences of Space in Acousmatic Music


Many different spaces coexist and interconnect for any listener to music played over speakers or other means where there is no visible source of the sound. These spaces could include the physical space of the concert hall, a representation of space conceived in the perceived knowledge of the social practice of people getting together to listen to music in groups; the social space of the listeners; the virtual space of the piece of acousmatic music; the representation of perceived, conceived or lived space in the piece; as well as the representational space of the sound work and the mental space the individual listener inhabits while listening, a space that is possibly unique to sonic experience. In this paper I shall discuss how these spaces are produced and coexist; how our embodied experiences of space can be used to produce new means of representation and new forms of expression through the production of space in sound works; and investigate spatial mimesis as a new area of discourse in sonic art. These developments will be discussed in the light of the specific history of the use of space in electronic and electroacoustic music composition.

Full text (PDF) p. 230-234