[ISEA2002] Artist Statement: Sumugan Sivanesan – Seismic

Artist Statement

This work is a continuation of experimental research into the inherent relationship of image and sound in the medium of digital video. Coming from a graphics and post-production background, I wanted to create work that’s message could only be expressed via the experience of the work. The subject of the video is a silent protest conducted by practitioners of Falun Gong in Melbourne, Australia. I wanted to express my impressions of their patience and quiet determination, through the simple yet precise manipulation of digital video. The resulting audio seemed to me both stoic and determined, whilst expressing certain individual characteristics. The visual treatment seems to concisely express the sense of small determined actions having powerful ramifications.

  • Sumugan Sivanesan lives in Sydney, Australia where he tinkers around with sound and video. he is fascinated with all things concerning pop, noise, and its relation to image, space and sequence. He has produced, designed and directed pop clips, experimental videos, and music that occasionally slips into the wider world.